Fun commands

Bored? Some time to kill?

Try any of these:


  1. Read my mind
  2. Did you burp?
  3. Can you belch?
  4. Can you laugh?
  5. Do you cry?
  6. What is love?
  7. Do you know the way to San Jose?
  8. Can you ride a bike?
  9. Can you drive a car?
  10. Can you Sing?
  11. Do oyu sleep?
  12. Tell me a limmerick
  13. Can you yodel? (Awesome)
  14. Who let the dogs out?
  15. Can you scream? (song)
  16. Who did you vote for? (song)
  17. Have you ever seen the rain? (song)
  18. Who are you?
  19. Where are you?
  20. Whats love got to do with it?
  21. Do you think I’m sexy?
  22. How do you solve a problem like Mariah
  23. Who wears short-shorts
  24. Do you really want to hurt me?
  25. Do you dance?
  26. Do you have any  money?
  27. Wnot you be my neighbor?
  28. Why does it always rain on me (Awesome!!)
  29. Where have all the flowers gone?
  30. Does anybody really kniow what time it is?
  31. Shake your booty (Reference to a song by The Jacksons)
  32. More cowbell  (Reference to a Saturday Night skit)
  33. Keep calm and carry on
  34. What is pie?
  35. Why?
  36. How old are you?
  37. Whats going on?
  38. do you wear glasses/clothes?
  39. Beam me up (Reference to Star Trek)
  40. set phasers to kill (Reference to Star Trek)
  41. Keep calm and carry on
  42. Sound like a Cat
  43. Sound like a Dog
  44. Sound like a Pig
  45. Sound like a Cow
  46. Sound like a Sheep
  47. Sound like a Goat (awesome!!)
  48. Sound like a Horse
  49. Sound like a Chicken
  50. Sound like a Rooster
  51. Sound like a Duck
  52. Sound like a Bear
  53. Sound like a Tiger
  54. Sound liek a Lion
  55. Sound like an Owl
  56. Sound like a Monkey
  57. Sound like a Whale
  58. Sound like an Elephant
  59. Sound like a Dolphin
  60. Sound like a Snake
  61. Sound like a Wolf
  62. Sound like a Parrot
  63. Sound like a Cricket
  64. Sound like a Frog
  65. Sound liek a Donkey
  66. Who’s your daddy?
  67. Fart
  68. Did you fart?
  69. Who farted?
  70. Talk like Yoda (Reference to character from Star Wars)
  71. Do you have any pets?
  72. Tell me a joke
  73. Tell me a “knock-knock” joke
  74. Tell me a “Sheep” joke
  75. Tell me a “Dog” joke
  76. Tell me a “Cat” joke
  77. Tell me a “Space” joke
  78. Tell me a “Cow” joke
  79. Tell me a “Science” joke
  80. Tell me a “Food” joke
  81. Tell me a “Baby” joke
  82. Tell me a “Child” joke
  83. Tell me a “Snowman” joke
  84. Tell me a “Dirty” joke
  85. Tell me a pun
  86. Never going to give you up, never going to let you down (Reference to Rick Astley song)
  87. Find Chuck Norris
  88. Sneeze
  89. Roll a dice
  90. Drop a beat
  91. Sing me a song
  92. Flip a coin
  93. Pick a number between 1 and 10 (or between any two numbers)
  94. Tea, Earl Grey, hot (Reference to Star Trek, TNG)
  95. I want the truth
  96. Surely you can’t be serious (My favorite, so far!)
  97. Show me the money (Reference to “Jerry Maguire”)
  98. My name is Inigo Montoya (Reference to “The Princess Bride”)
  99. Party on, Wayne (Reference to “Waynes World”)
  100. Party time
  101. What’s the first rule of fight club?
  102. What’s the second rule of fight club?
  103. What’s the third rule of fight club?
  104. What’s the fourth rule of fight club?
  105. What’s the fifth rule of fight club?
  106. What’s the sixth rule of fight club?
  107. What’s the seventh rule of fight club?
  108. What’s the eighth rule of fight club? (References to “Fight Club”)
  109. Are you SkyNet? (Reference to “The Terminator” Movies)
  110. This is a dead parrot (Reference to “Monty Python” – BBC TV)
  111. What is your quest? (Reference to “The Holy Grail” BBC/Monty Python)
  112. Don’t mention the war! (“Faulty Towers” – BBC TV)
  113. What is your quest?
  114. What is your cunning plan? (Reference to “Black Adder” -BBC TV)
  115. What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and everything? (Reference to “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” – Douglas Adams)
  116. Nice to see you, to see you… (Quote from Bruce Forsythe, British TV Personality, deceased)
  117. Good morning
  118. Good afternoon (Gives tips)
  119. Good evening
  120. Good night
  121. What were your favorite moments of the year
  122. Thank you
  123. Cheers
  124. Good job
  125. Good girl
  126. Your Cute
  127. You Rock
  128. I/We love you
  129. Give me an Easter Egg
  130. Pretend to be a super hero
  131. Pretend to be a super villian